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Vegang is a free mobile App for vegetarians, vegans and animal rights activists. The App is already in AppStore waiting for you!

Now: restaurant guide, reference books on ingredients, vivisectionists and ethic companies, Veg-phrasebook.
In process: release of the Android-version, custom programming and the launch of a media project for animal rights protection.
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Is it difficult to be a vegan in Russia? Yes, it is. But it is not the climate. It's difficult because there are great vegan shoes (warm, comfortable, strong), but you should search them out, order, wait for... Because there is hardly any place where to buy tofu, other vegan food, or eat “on the run”. Such insignificant-by-nature problems can be time consuming, slow down, draw away from import things. Here you can cry for a long time that “everything is bad”... We’ve decided to go the other way.

Being strict vegans we’ve discovered from our own experience various difficulties faced by any veg-community daily. These difficulties are duplicated in all the countries (only formal features differ). Most of these problems are solely the result of a weak veg-infrastructure.
To solve this problem, we have put a team together and created the “VEGANG” App.


Quickly and accurately,
clear and easy

The Application should be Tech-Savvy.
Design should make a product evident.

Minimalistic design
The task we’ve set ourselves is to remove all the excess, to make a simple and nice design.
At the same time the design should explain the product, answer the questions: “What is it?” “What for?”, “How does it work?”
Design is a part of functionality.

The ingredients are divided into groups. Each group has its own color:
meat - red, fish and seafood - apricot colour, egg products - yellow, questionable (i.e. an ingredient produced in a variety of ways) - brown, vegan - dark green. You can catch everything “on the run” by a colour-key, and given the time and the inclination you can open and read the description.

Vegang App Ingredients

Information for decision-making

We, like many people around the world, have decided not to support the torture of animals, not to buy products certified by the vivisection method.

Vegang App Company

Therefore you should know who is who:
constantly delve through the lists of companies... As a rule, these lists are inconvenient and often incorrect. So you start to look for authoritative information, aggregate your lists, store them and remember. But you can't remember everything, and you don’t have the list at your fingertips at the right moment or the list is incomplete... As a result, over and over again: shop, smartphone, browser, seeking for authoritative information... a simple purchase turns into a “journalistic investigation”.

To simplify the responsible lifestyle, we’ve created a comprehensive, convenient and modern tool.
Enter the company name or brand and you will instantly receive a response: whether this product is “ethic” or “vivisection”. Want to know more? Open the card, learn about the manufacturer, check the certificates (if any).

Options are available!

Romantic dinner, business-lunch, snack on the run?
Choose a place!

Do you want to have a romantic evening or look for a place for business negotiations?
Filter the information and choose the best option.

Want to eat on the run?
Open the App “Map”! You will see the nearest fast food.

Looking where to eat at night?
Use the Filter “Running for at least 2 hours”. You’ll have time to get, order and eat in a calm atmosphere.

Vegang App restaurant Guide

They will get you right!

It’s difficult to explain to the Arabs or the Thais who are not speaking English that the vegetable Pad Thai Jay can't be vegan if it has been cooked in the same pan and with the same oil where you’ve just roasted meat or fish.

Vegang App PhraseBook

Open the App “References”,
select a card and a language, everything is written clearly and intelligibly there. You won’t get a vegetable salad with fish sauce.

Do you want to buy a handbag, belt, bag or shoes, but doubt whether the used material is vegan or not?
Open the appropriate card and show it to the seller: he’ll nod assent or give a negative wave of the hand.

On more than 20 languages of the world!
There are cards both for vegans and vegetarians. Plus cards about Veg-materials and for allergic individuals. And all of this is available in a couple of clicks.

And one more thing!

We are preparing a lot of updates and additions!
Here are the nearest:

The first part of the upcoming “Nutrition” section is “The Vitamins” block.
Are you afraid of receiving less iron and zinc?! Open and view! Now you know what this mineral is responsible for, and what happens when it is not enough. And above all - what products have the desired element and in what quantity.

We’ve already created the Restaurants navigation.
Now is the time for the shopping guide.

We are interested in both brick-and-mortar and online stores. At the same time, we are planning to break down the stores into types of goods as well: shoes, vegan pet food, perfumes without amber and castoreum, medicines...
Just select the product type, geography and a store type - voila!
Veg-retail of your city and around the world - at your disposal!

Vegang App Nutrition and Vitamins

Why our App is special

Vegang is created by a Veg-team for Veg-people.
We won’t invite you to taste the oysters. We strive to collect the most accurate and detailed database, taking into account any “pitfalls”: the presence of egg products in the dough, the complexity of vegan shoes search, “meat” ingredients in cosmetics and perfumes, vivisection...
We’ve felt the problems of the Veg-community first hand and are looking for quality solutions.

Ease of use

We’ve tried to make our App user-friendly and as easy to use as possible. Many nuances that took us weeks and months, most users won’t even notice. Great! The user should not think: “How does it work?” The user should feel comfort and easiness.

Completeness of information

Many “Veg” restaurants serve soups made of non-veg broth, and “Bio” and “Eco" companies can be vivisectors. We try to create the most extensive at the same the most accurate database. Mistakes are inevitable in such-like project (description). Therefore, we always check the information source, update, re-check the data and specify certificates: Vegan, Cruelty Free, Eco, Bio, Fairtrade...

Complex approach

The Vegang includes the navigation on companies and brands, food services, clothing and footwear, cosmetics and household chemicals.
We are working on the classification of medicines, perfumes and other products, as well as brick-and-mortar and online stores.

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